8 Reasons Why O.T Salvation is Not the Same as N.T Salvation

Written by on July 24, 2018

8 Reasons Why Old Testament Salvation is Not the Same as New Testament Salvation

• In the OT, a man was either right with God or lost in sin according to his behavior (Ez.3; 18)

• The Holy Spirit could be taken away from a person in the OT (Ps.51:11; 1 Sam.16:14)

• The disciples did not understand the death, burial, & resurrection of Christ even after he rose again

(Matt.16:21-22; Lk.24:25-27)

• The Old Testament prophets did not understand the resurrection (1 Pet.1:10-11)

• The word faith only occurs twice in the OT, compared to 229 times in the NT

• There were many preachers in the OT, but none preached anything resembling Paul’s gospel (i.e. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved”)

• The OT sacrifices were said to give remission of certain sins (Heb.9:22)

• There is not a single instance in the OT of someone getting saved like the Philippian Jailor, Cornelius, or the Ethiopian Eunuch

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