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Growing up, in Carlyle, IL, I lived a very simple life. I really enjoyed playing sports, and went fishing quite often with my Grandpa after school. I did not go to church very much, but when I did, my family would take me to the local Methodist church. All through high school, I would tell myself that I wanted no part of the military, and would not join any branch, but in 1988, I joined the U.S. Navy. I reported to my first ship in San Diego, CA, and within a month, was on my first 6 month cruise. The very first place, I got to visit was the Philippines. Through the Navy, I got to visit the Philippines eleven times, and developed a heart for the Filipino people and for the country. I was saved in 1995, in Yokosuka, Japan, on board the USS Independence (CV-62). In 1997, the Lord called me to preach, but, as much as I wanted to, I kept telling the Lord, No. The reason being, is that I was so afraid of public speaking. Stage fright came to me real easily. This went on for 14 years, but even so, the gifts and calling of God are without repentance (). In 1998, the ship that I was stationed on at that time, made a trip to Hong Kong. Little did I know, that trip would change my life forever. It just so happened, that by the grace of God, I met a Filipina lady there, who would, in 1999, become my wife. We now have 3 wonderful children, one girl and two boys. In 2011, The Lord called me and my family to the Philippines, as missionaries. This time, I said ok, Lord, if that is what you want, that is what me and my family will do. I will just take a step of faith, and trust you. You know what is best, not me.

We arrived in the Philippines in April of 2011. after about a week and a half of travel. I preached my first sermon ever in Laoag City. It was only a 5 minute sermon, from what I was told, but it felt like 5 years. During that preaching, I almost gave up and quit. In my mind, I was telling myself that I could not do this, and the sweat and tears were coming down my face. Eventually, I took a deep breath and asked the Lord for help. I thank my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ for not allowing me to quit that day. To this day, I still get nervous, when I get up in front of folks, and I have even had a few times, where right in the middle of my preaching, my mind would just go blank, but by the grace of God, he has given me strength to keep going, and put the past in the past.

Living here in the Philippines, has it’s challenges, but I would not change it for anything. We have now been in the Philippines for 8 ½ years, and what a joy and honor it is to serve the Lord here. In 2011, we started to help a pastor and “his” church, and then after that, we left that church, and went out to try to start a church.  We started in Laoag City, and then went to San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte.  Both of those churches, where not going anywhere, or at least going very very slowly.  At this time, I started to learn dispensationalism.  It just so happened that the Lord put a national pastor in my pathway, that teaches those doctrines.  He came up to Ilocos Norte, and had a King James Bible conference for us.  He then invited us to go to Lipa City, for a Camp meeting.  We enjoyed this camp meeting, and learning dispensationalism, that we decided to move to Lipa City, which is in Batangas.  We have been here, now since 2013.  In 2014,  we started an evangelistic ministry, but now, since July of this year (2019), I have been the pastor of Liberty Baptist Church, in Tanauan, Batangas.

My family and I praise and thank the Lord for his faithfulness and goodness to us, and are honored to serve the Lord, here in the Philippines. Please pray for us and for the ministry that the Lord has entrusted us with, here in the Philippines. Thank you so much, and Lord bless you all.

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